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    • A serological survey of arboviruses in Gabon 

      Jan, C; Languillat, G; Renaudet, J; et al. (2014)
      Serological studies for arbovirus antibodies were carried out on 1.279 human serum specimens collected from adults in south-eastern part of Gabon from June to September 1975 during a multipurpose epidemiological survey. ...
    • A serological survey of arboviruses in the human population of Senegal 

      Renaudet, J; Jan, C; Ridet, J; et al. (2014)
      2,457 serum samples collected during an epidemiological survey on treponematosis in Senegal by the W. H. O. IR051 team in five areas of Senegal between 1972 and 1975 were studied for arbovirus antibodies using hemagglutination ...