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dc.description.abstractOverview: This document summarizes WHO’s recommendations for the rational use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in health care and home care settings, as well as during the handling of cargo; it also assesses the current disruption of the global supply chain and considerations for decision making during severe shortages of PPE.en_US
dc.subjectPersonal Protective Equipmenten_US
dc.subjectHealth Personnelen_US
dc.subjectInfectious Diseasesen_US
dc.subjectHealth Care Facilitiesen_US
dc.titleRational use of personal protective equipment for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and considerations during severe shortages. Interim guidance, 6 April 2020en_US
eihealth.countryGlobal (WHO/OMS)en_US
eihealth.categoryInfection prevention and control, including health care workers protectionen_US
eihealth.typeWHO / PAHO Guidanceen_US
eihealth.maincategoryProtect Health Care Workers / Proteger la Salud de los Trabajadoresen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameWorld Health Organizationen_US

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