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dc.description.abstractBackground: This document summarizes WHO’s recommendations for the rational use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in health care and community settings, as well as during the handling of cargo; in this context, PPE includes gloves, medical masks, goggles or a face shield, and gowns, as well as for specific procedures, respirators (i.e. N95 or FFP2 standard or equivalent) and aprons. It is intended for those involved in distributing and managing PPE, as well as public health authorities and individuals in health care and community settings, and it provides information about when PPE use is most appropriate. WHO will continue update these recommendations as new information becomes available.en_US
dc.subjectPersonal Protective Equipmenten_US
dc.subjectGlobal Healthen_US
dc.subjectInfectious Diseasesen_US
dc.subjectHealth Care Facilitiesen_US
dc.titleRational use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Interim guidance, 19 March 2020en_US
eihealth.countryGlobal (WHO/OMS)en_US
eihealth.categoryInfection prevention and control, including health care workers protectionen_US
eihealth.typeWHO / PAHO Guidanceen_US
eihealth.maincategorySlow Spread / Reducir la Dispersiónen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameWorld Health Organizationen_US

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