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dc.contributor.authorGiovanetti, Marta
dc.contributor.authorMilano, Teresa
dc.contributor.authorAlcantara, Luiz Carlos
dc.contributor.authoret al.
dc.description.abstractTo investigate the genetic diversity of Zika Virus (ZIKV) and the relationships existing among these circulating viruses worldwide. To evaluate the genetic polymorphisms harbored from ZIKV that can have an influence on the virus circulation. METHODS: Three different ZIKV dataset were built. The first dataset included 63 E gene sequences, the second one 22 NS3 sequences and the third dataset was composed of 108 NS5 gene sequences. Phylogenetic and selective pressure analysis was performed. The edited nucleic acid alignment from the Envelope dataset was used to generate a conceptual translation to the corresponding peptide sequences through UGene software. RESULTS: The phylogeographic reconstruction was able to discriminate unambiguously that the Brazilian strains are belonged to the Asian lineage. The structural analysis reveals instead the presence of the Ser residue in the Brazilian sequences (however already observed in other previously reported ZIKV infections) that could suggest the presence of a neutralization-resistant population of viruses. CONCLUSIONS: Phylogenetic, evolutionary and selective pressure analysis contributed to improve the knowledge on the circulation of ZIKV.en_US
dc.subjectZika Research Projecten_US
dc.subjectZika Virusen_US
dc.subjectZika Virus Infectionen_US
dc.subjectSouth Americaen_US
dc.titleZika Virus spreading in South America: Evolutionary analysis of emerging neutralizing resistant Phe279Ser strainsen_US
eihealth.categoryEpidemiology and epidemiological studiesen_US
eihealth.typeResearch protocol informationen_US
eihealth.maincategorySave Lives / Salvar Vidasen_US
dc.relation.ispartofjournalAsian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicineen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameItaly. National Institute of Healthen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameUniversity of Rome Tor Vergataen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameBrasil. Fundação Oswaldo Cruzen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameUniversità La Sapienzaen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameSapienza University of Romeen_US

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