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    • Projecting Month of Birth for At-Risk Infants after Zika Virus Disease Outbreaks 

      Reefhuis, Jennita; Gilboa, Suzanne M.; Johansson, Michael A. (2016)
      The marked increase in infants born with microcephaly in Brazil after a 2015 outbreak of Zika virus (Zika virus) disease suggests an association between maternal Zika virus infection and congenital microcephaly. To project ...
    • Zika and the Risk of Microcephaly 

      Johansson, Michael A; Mier-y-Teran-Romero, Luis; Reefhuis, Jennita; et al. (2016-06)
      Relationship between Trimester-Specific ZIKV Infection Risk and Microcephaly in Bahia, Brazil. Panel A shows the approximate number of suspected Zika cases reported in Bahia by month. Panel B shows the estimated ZIKV ...